Don’t Let Your Accountant Get Lonely

Hopefully you hired a CPA whose business arrangement with you offers you the opportunity to call whenever you want. Your CPA should not be someone you see once a year as you drop of a box of receipts and copies of your ledger sheets. Don’t let him get lonely! The two of you should be checking in throughout the year, making sure that you know everything about your business fiscal health. You should be able to see monthly financials helping you to forecast revenue and your accountant will help you make sure you are making full use of any tax advantages. Your accountant can help you see trends in your business.

Bob Johnson and his team is always available for any kind of inquiry. Many clients also take advantage of Bob’s willingness to train you and your staff to demystify accounting terms and actually reveal new ways to make your company run better. This is all covered in your existing fees. The firm is designed around service and is affordable.

Look at what one of Bob’s clients has to say:

Before meeting Bob we were involved with a few different CPA firms, so I speak from experience when I say he is more than just a CPA. Other companies were more interested in keeping the secrets to the “magic” of the accounting world a secret to the mere mortals and charge based on 15 minute increments! Bobs philosophy is to “Teach” his clients as much as they want to learn about the numbers and where they come from. As a business owner I didn’t have time to go to school, but needed to learn to keep my business alive.
– William Buxton, Jr., Buxton Transportation

Accounting is Small Business Secret to Success

Many people consider accounting to be simply mathematical in nature, black and white, a profit and loss conversation. And they consider accountants to be in the same genre, dull, cold, dull, uninteresting. However, accounting is much more about analytics, about predicting future outcomes for your business.  It looks at all the financial pieces of a business and works with income, expenses, commissions, and liabilities to create a financial picture. An accountant uses this data to create strategies to improve profitability, manage expenses and estimate cash flow. And if you find the right accountant, you will find a partner for your business who can help you predict outcomes for your company’s fiscal health. You might even find someone with a sense of humor AND who can demystify taxes, payroll, and equipment amortization. Who wouldn’t want that in a business partner? In any partner?

Selecting an accountant is like selecting a partner for life. Fine someone who is patient, knowledgeable, dependable, and who is a good listener.