The Real Truth About Success

I just finished reading a book by Garrison Wynn, The Truth about Success.  His book builds a case that success is not the result of repeating positive affirmations to yourself each day or by meditating about it. His book is full of honest statements that take us back to the basics of business, planning and networking. He builds a case for that fact that circumstances do not create the quality of your life but rather your actions create the quality of your life. Here are a few of my favorite points from his book (most of this is verbatim from the author):

Approach life talent first. Find or create your own personal advantage.

You might not have innate advantages. The truth is you can create your own advantage. The top 1% of industry leaders we interviewed have discovered innate secret advantages and created new ones, you can too. What is your unique, distinctive edge? It might be your look, your personality, a character trait, your demeanor, the people you know, the resources you possess, or even a well-crafted plan to bolster your popularity in the workplace. Finding that edge and using it effectively is what separates the top 1 percent from the remaining 99 percent.

Knowledge is not power; implementation is power  

Can you step back and look beyond the conventional business culture? Are you willing to take a chance? Chan you create plan for yourself? Can you adapt your beliefs in order to utilize your advantage? Knowing something and doing something have very little in common.

I have always observed that those people who DO something (anything) get a lot further in life and those are the people who can make business grow.

Long-Term Success is the Result of Relationships Built on a Foundation of Trust. People get More Value from those they Trust

The truth about success—being the best versus being consistently chosen as the best—is that a lot of people are good at what they do and have talent. But to be consistently chosen, there are specific things you need to do…..all had achieved a degree of trust, clarity and comfort with the people they worked with and had built that trust on a foundation of two things: compassion and competence.


We have been fortunate to have very long term clients (some for the entire lifetime of a business) and we like to think it’s because we have built those relationships built on trust and competence, taking action and helping to identify the talent in a business or an individual.