What Makes a CPA Professional a Professional

Do you know how CPA’s differ from other financial professionals?  CPA’s generally begin their careers with years of college and graduate education. To become licensed, CPA’s take a demanding exam testing expertise on a wide range of business topics. Additionally, CPA’s have to meet an experience requirement and then be licensed by a state board of accountancy to practice. Once licensed to practice, CPA’s must earn continuing education hours demonstrating current knowledge of new business developments.  Additionally CPA’s commit to a strict code of ethical standards. And did you know CPA’s have full rights to represent you in front of the IRS?

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As the year draws to a close……. take a little time to reduce tax season stress. Plan to get organized early. Pull materials together in a folder (charitable donations, health and medical bills, bank info, employer statements). Then call us to meet. We can review your current information and last year’s tax return. This will avoid any surprises and potentially help to minimize tax obligations as well as to plan for the best possible financial position.