Client Trust: How to Build it and How to Keep it!

We are very proud of the clientele we have served after 30 years in business (with many of our clients having been with us 20 years or more).

As a business owner and in working with government executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s always good to remind ourselves about good business basics.

We all know that customers won’t buy from people they don’t trust or someone they don’t like.

Jerry Acuff, author of The Relationship Edge:  The Key to Strategic Influence and Selling Success offers these points about business relationships:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Value the relationship
  3. Be curious about people
  4. Be consistent (when a customer can predict your behavior, the customer is more likely to trust you)
  5. Seek the truth (always be honest and always share what you think to be in your client’s best interest)
  6. Keep an open mind (this reinforces that you always have their best interests at heart)
  7. Have a real dialogue (seek real conversation with customers during meetings, personal or business issues)
  8. Be a professional (people trust people who are serious about what they do).
  9. Show real integrity (be willing to take a stand, even when it’s unpopular with your customer or your company)
  10. Have a sense of humor (this one is my personal addition!)


Source: to-build- customer-trust- 9-rules.html

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