CPA’s and Realtors: A Match Made in Heaven

As a CPA, I work with all kinds of business clients helping with both tax preparation, tax planning and identifying how to maximize tax benefits. Over the years, we have also had great success in working with real estate agents and their business planning.

A solid business plan will include a strategy around taxes keeping you in compliance and in good financial health. A CPA can demystify the current rules and guidelines for state and federal taxes. When you are working in a commission only industry and not enjoying an employer handling details around tax withholding it’s a great benefit to have someone provide insight about the best way to make sure you don’t get caught by surprise. If you are in business for yourself, you are an independent contractor and have the ability to claim business deductions on your tax return but this will involve planning and the tracking of allowable expenses.

We also work with our clients to analyze their overall financial picture. A financial review will offer insight to monthly expenses and opportunities for business deductions. We have helped figure out reserve accounts and know how to find ways to save on future obligations. There are a myriad of business discounts afforded to you as a realtor from car insurance, to office tools, technology and marketing services. We can offer decades of experience in helping you develop a solid financial business plan. It’s true that taking the time to write a plan and then following it is not always the most exciting part of owning your own business, however it is the critical component to your business that every successful realtor will tell you to include in your business.

Our firm has helped to navigate and align all the components of planning your business structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.) to your internal processes of budgeting and planning (startup costs, operational costs, stabilizing your personal income and more). CPA’s can help you plan for cash flow bringing stability and growth to your business. Invite your CPA to help you develop your real estate business plan. You will soon realize it’s one of the most important and affordable investments you can make.

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